Virtual ISP

Our exclusive Virtual ISP program is for serious resellers only. The Virtual ISP program includes complete masking of Pegasus Web Technologies servers to your clients.

Our Virtual ISP program masks our name server, web servers, and mail servers by aliasing them. It gives your clients, internic, and the world the illusion that these are your servers.

The Virtual ISP Package includes the Following:

ns1.pwebtech.com = ns1.yourcompany.com
ns2.pwebtech.com = ns1.yourcompany.com
mail.pwebtech.com = mail.yourcompany.com

Once you get your own name servers, you may register your domain and clients domains with your DNS servers. In the internic whois database, it will show your name servers for your domains. We provide "clean" logins for your clients. Our name is nowhere on the server to identify us at all. Keeping up the illusion that it is your server. The Virtual ISP programs costs $50 per month and is available to Pegasus Web Technologies' Resellers only.

To signup for Virtual ISP Package, click here or call 1.888.734.9230.


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