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Pegasus provides Plesk control panel to your dedicated hosting package, free of charge. This valuable feature allows for easy server administration, without the need for extensive Linux or Solaris knowledge or experience, while also giving your clients the ability to mange several administrative functions on their own.

Through a simple GUI, you will be able to:
Create, Edit, and Delete Clients.
Open Hosting Accounts
Setup Mail Accounts: Mailboxes, Mail Groups, Redirects, and Autorespnders
Setup Mail Security: Site Limits, Mail Relaying, and Mail Blockers
View System and User Level Statistics.
Support MySQL, PHP, SSL, CGI, SSI, and Mod_Perl
Automaticaly Upload and Activate SSL Certificates
Create Protected Directories
Configure DNS
Create Web Users
Manage IP Aliases
Directly Purchase Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

Designed primarily for use in the Web hosting industry, the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) is software designed to ease the configuration and administration of servers, and greatly reduce the support workload for technical staff. By employing a simple control panel interface, PSA allows users to, point and click their way through managing a server. This can be done without extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux programming. PSA also greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to administer servers, and with client access to the control panel minimizes the amount of support requests, as the clients now have the ability to administer their own sites. Tasks such as managing mail, creating protected directories, and generating SSL certificates can now be done by your clients. This just released version from Plesk, PSA+, also provides users with the ability to register domains and purchase secure certificates directly through the interface. With PSA+, an integral aspect of web hosting (system administration) is less expensive, more efficient, and much easier than ever before.

Administrators are able to perform all of the tasks mentioned above directly through the interface. But one of the best features of the server administrator is that it allows your clients to manage a number of tasks on their own, reducing support significantly. Clients are able to:
Setup Mail Accounts: Mailboxes, Mail Groups, Redirects, and Autorespnders
View System and User Level Statistics
Automatically Upload and Activate SSL Certificate
Create Protected Directories
Create Web Users
With Admin Permission, Customize DNS Settings
Directly Purchase Domain Registration and SSL Certificates

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