Virtual ISP


Who Bills My Clients?

They are your clients, you bill them. You receive one integrated bill from every month detailing your costs which makes it easier for you to determine your clients billing rates.

Who Handles Tech Support for My Clients?

The reseller handle all tech support matters pertaining to their resold accounts. Obviously, matters which resellers can’t handle such as setting up FTP accounts, creating domain name support, setting up MySQL datasources, etc. will be carried out by Pegasus technicians, but only at your request. At no time will we deal with your clients.

Aren't we competing against each other? What if my clients find out I am reselling your services? What is to prevent them from moving to you?

Our resellers often provide something we can't - local, value-added services. Web hosting is actually a very low-margin business - it is the design and programming services that pay the actual bills. In addition, even though the Internet is a world-wide market, most people prefer to deal with someone who is local.

By bundling Pegasus web hosting with their own unique services and personal attention, resellers can offer clients a full spectrum of services.

What if one of my clients break your "acceptable usage policy" rules?

You are responsible for all actions of your clients. If one of your clients breaks the "appropriate usage" rules, you are responsible for stopping the behavior.

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